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Leather fabric cutting machine

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The leather fabric cutting machine adopts blade cutting, suitable for leather, leather, fur, suitable for cutting leather, leather, fur and other materials. It is equipped with a variety of cutter heads, which can cut and punch materials. It is now an excellent choice for cutting leather materials.

Leather fabric cutting machine hardware equipment:

The leather fabric cutting machine adopts integrated welding technology, which can be customized and assembled. The whole frame adopts 4mm square tube welding. The weight of the whole machine is 1.5t, which helps the equipment to maintain stability during the cutting process. The working welding table uses 42mm thick alloy to work. Welded countertops are sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The felt is imported from the Netherlands. Its air permeability and durability are among the best in the world. As for the motor, Sichuang uses imported brushed servo motor, pulse positioning, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm.

High-cost hardware equipment is of course inseparable from the support of software. Xtron has a self-developed AOLCUT cutting system. The software is equipped with intelligent typesetting software, intelligent sweeping software, and intelligent projection software. It is multi-faceted for customer consideration and intelligent cutting process. Save materials and materials.

Advantages of leather cotton cutting machine:

1. High efficiency, cutting speed up to 2500mm/s.

2. High precision, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm, repeat cutting without error.

3. Save data, computer AI intelligent typesetting, compared with manual typesetting, it can save 10% of materials.

4. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. There will be no black edges, burnt edges and smoke during the cutting process.