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Explain the characteristics of soft glass cutting machine

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Soft glass cutting machine is an important equipment for processing soft glass. Soft glass is a kind of PVC soft crystal plate soft glass, which is mostly used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food factories, clothing factories, working platforms, machine surfaces, etc. Most common tablecloths and door curtains in life are made of soft glass .

The characteristics of soft glass: it has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, heavy pressure resistance, light resistance, no deformation, no shattering, no hardening, and high elasticity.

Soft glass cutting machine is a kind of equipment for special-shaped processing of soft glass. At present, there are three main cutting methods on the market, one is manual cutting, the other is laser cutting machine cutting, and the third is vibrating knife cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting is equipment for making small batches, generally used for household use, and household tablecloths are widely cut manually.

Laser cutting machine cutting is suitable for industrial-grade cutting and can be customized in batches, but its disadvantages are also numerous. One is pollution. High-temperature fusing will produce peculiar smell and smoke, which will cause certain pollution to the environment. The second is scorching, which will cause cutting edges. Produce scorching black phenomenon.

Vibrating knife cutting machine cutting, this is also a suitable one for soft glass cutting. The cutting speed is fast, intelligent automatic cutting, and no pollution. At present, more industrial processing uses vibrating knife soft glass cutting machine, this soft glass The cutting machine is slightly more expensive than the laser soft glass cutting machine, but from the overall cost, it is still a cheaper one.