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Advantages of automatic cutting machine

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The equipment adopts a silent design to reduce the noise in the working environment;

Centralized (outdoor) exhaust to reduce dust and improve the production environment;

The equipment is equipped with self-diagnosis function (when failure occurs, the screen will automatically prompt);

The equipment has seven adsorption strengths to choose from to meet different cutting requirements and save power;

Even if the feeding angle of the cloth is inclined, the control software can automatically correct the angle for cutting;

There are four types of cuts to choose from;

The cutting can be refilled in an unlimited amount, and the preparation work can be done while cutting, which saves time and greatly improves work efficiency;

The cutting point can be selected arbitrarily to save the fabric (the fabric edge can be fully utilized);

The cutting knife reciprocates up and down, which can meet the cutting of various shapes and lines, and is especially good at cutting arcs;

The software control is unique, and there are five ways to choose from to solve the fabric hot melt;

The bristles are pliable and resistant to damage, reducing the cost of consumables in the later stage;

The equipment operation is more humane, simple and convenient;

The cut part is covered with film automatically to reduce air leakage and ensure cutting accuracy;

Motor-driven drilling is fast, the drilling should not be blocked, and the operation time can be reduced. Two-hole or three-hole punching device can be selected;

Double-wheel sharpening is used to grind the knife edge uniformly, ensuring cutting accuracy and increasing cutting speed;

The airtight vacuum chamber is used to reduce air leakage, reduce energy consumption, and thoroughly treat the dust generated by cutting, and improve the environmental pollution of cutting;

The cutting range adopts the overall adsorption method to keep the fabric in a stable state and improve the cutting precision. The synchronous pulley adopts belt conveying to reduce friction and achieve a silent effect;