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Explain the nylon and carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The vibrating knife cutting machine is a new generation of intelligent cutting equipment, suitable for cutting nylon fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber prepreg and other materials. Because it is blade cutting, there will be no smoke and smell during the cutting process, and the cutting efficiency is high (2000mm/s) , High cutting accuracy, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm.

The nylon fiber cutting machine is controlled by computer, and it can automatically load, cut and unload. It solves the problems of unstable output and low efficiency caused by manual problems. The nylon cloth fiber cutting machine has taken an extremely important step on the road to intelligence.

The hardware of the nylon fiber cutting machine adopts an integrated welded body. The whole body is subjected to high temperature heat treatment to completely release the heat, ensuring that the equipment will not be deformed for a long time, and the accuracy is higher. The vacuum adsorption table is made of aviation alloy metal, which is corrosion resistant, and the thickness is 42mm. . The feeding felt is imported from the Netherlands, and its air permeability and service life are more than 2-3 times that of domestic products. The equipment and electrical appliances adopt world-renowned brands, and the quality of the equipment is excellent.

In terms of software, it adopts a system independently developed by Xtron, which has an intelligent typesetting system, an intelligent edge-finding cutting system, automatic grid matching, etc. The intelligent typesetting system can save 15% of materials compared with manual typesetting, and the intelligent edge-finding cutting system can accurately match Pattern recognition, automatic recognition and cutting. In addition, Xichuang also has a unique cutting system developed for some special materials. For details, please consult online personnel.