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Fully automatic computer cutting machine enables uniform and standardized production of garment enterprises ​

2021-08-13 09:49:09

Regarding the real garment processing industry, the cutting process is an important link in the production of tailors. If the cutting is not good, the subsequent sewing, and the final process, even if the equipment is good, it is impossible to change the scale and produce products that meet the requirements. come out. Therefore, its quality will not only affect the tailoring standards and make the product fail to meet the planning requirements, but also directly affect the product quality and cost.

Tailor quality problems caused by cutting quality problems occur in batches. The cutting process also determines the consumption of materials, which is directly related to the cost of the product. Therefore, the cutting process is a key link in the production of garments. We must attach great importance to it and want to improve The quality of products must start with cutting. First of all, the quality of cutting must be improved. A useful and concise method is to replace manual cutting with a fully automatic computer cutting machine.

1. Improving traditional management methods

1) The use of Sichuang fully automatic computer cutting machine makes cutting and output stable;

2) The production data is accurate, and the production arrangements and orders are accurate;

3) Reduce the manual utilization rate, and the responsibilities of the operators are clear;

4) The cutting quality is stable, and the internal consumption of quality management is reduced.

2. Improving the environment of traditional production

1) The use of fully automatic computer cutting machine makes the garment enterprise's cutting line have a sense of integrity, improves the traditional environment with many operators and messy situation, makes the cutting environment orderly, clear and improves the corporate image;

2) The cloth scraps produced by cutting are discharged out of the outdoor through a special pipe, so that the cutting environment is clean and tidy.

3. Improve the management level and improve the shortcomings of traditional production

1) Fabrics are allocated based on scientific and accurate unit consumption, which can not only control the waste due to human factors, but also manage the fabrics simply and clearly;

2) Cutting precision is effectively controlled, reducing responsibilities and contradictions between cooperative departments, and improving the work performance of middle managers;

3) Prevent the influence of human factors on the production progress, respond to employees' resignation, leave, and ask for leave at any time, and the use of equipment cutting can ensure the output;

4) In the traditional cutting method, cloth scraps fly randomly and pollute the environment, which easily pollutes the cut pieces and forms defective products.

Fourth, improve traditional production power

1) The use of fully automatic computer cutting machine: The equipment can improve the work efficiency more than four times than the manual;

2) The improvement of cutting quality and power can speed up the production cycle of orders and enable products to be launched in advance;

3) The reduction of cutting personnel reduces the worries of management personnel and puts more energy into product production;

4) Due to the increase in working power, the order quantity can be increased according to the actual situation of the enterprise;

5) Due to consistent and standardized production, the production quality of the products has been improved, and the customers who issued the orders have been affirmed, and then ensured the origin of the order quantity.

5. Improving the corporate image of apparel

1) Application of fully automatic computer cutting machine;

2) Consistent and standardized production is the guarantee of quality and improves the image of production quality;

3) A clean and orderly cutting environment reduces the rate of defective products and improves the image of the production environment;

4) The guarantee of product quality and delivery time is the concern of every customer who issues orders. A stable cooperative relationship is an intangible benefit to both parties and enhances the confidence of customers who issue orders.