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Advantages of automatic garment cutting machine ​

2021-08-16 09:49:09

Advantages brought by automatic garment cutting machine:

Clothing improves cutting quality. In traditional craft cutting, the problem encountered is manual error. When cutting with craftsmanship, it is difficult to ensure accuracy. If it is a large-volume, multi-layer cutting mission, the upper and lower layer scale errors will lead to the entire production. The extension of the process will also affect the quality level of the products in the same period.

Because of inevitable errors in craft cutting, inspection and correction procedures have led to an increase in labor costs. Together with the increase in operating costs of small and medium-sized clothing companies, it also seriously affects product quality.

The saving of fabrics by the automatic cutting system is also a factor that enterprises cannot ignore. After the intuitive and operable computer layout, D one-time material saving has been formed; the zero error of the automatic cutting system makes the whole cutting operation save a lot of cloth again, so that the cost of the enterprise is also used by high power.