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BenderPro-32D General auto bender machine

BenderPro-32D General auto bender machine

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  • release date:2021-09-06 09:26:14
  • product description

Product name:BenderPro-32D General auto bender machine

BenderPro-32D General auto bender machine

Production description:

BenderPro-32D auto bender machine widely used in die board  Carton, plastic, figurine crafts, hanging tag, flower knife, pearl cotton, leather.


Basic function:

Double feeding system ,flat cut ,lip ,bridge ,adjustable combination tool .,three sets of broaching ,nicking and perforation 


Customize function:

Perforation (tooling size is 1-2mm )hole punch ,butterfly hole ,nicking (tool size is 0.2-1mm ).


Software features :

1.The development of  software is based on  AutoCAD platform, the system is more stable and more convenient for  modification.

2. Follow the standard operation of AutoCAD, and provide more than 40 CAD auxiliary functions to meet the requirements of high, middle and low-end customers.

3. It provides single selection, intelligent selection, one-button pattern selection, automatic release, automatic clipping prompt and automatic avoidance of interference.

4, Intelligent processing, easy to use, only need 2 hours training , reduce labor costs, improve efficiency.

5. We Provide Manual book which has  abundant online help, customer can check at any time, and solve problems or faults in production quickly.

Hardware characteristics

1.independent research and development of positive and negative double screw dynamic exchange clamp structure, recycling feeding, improve the production efficiency and precision of the machine.

2.Modular punching, which can be adjusted to different cutting materials of the same bevel  height;

3.Three sets of broaching wheel:square shape ,115° and 150° angel  ,the broaching depth is controlled by software .

4, the mold is imported high-quality mold steel, special heat treatment, high strength, strong durability.

5, the frame adopts high strength square steel overall welding, the assembly surface USES gantry milling one-time processing, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine.

6, cutting power using imported oil pressure system, cutting force, good stability, can achieve seamless knife.

7.Punching die, bending die positioning design, easy maintenance.

Technology parameter :

Max bend angel


Rule height


Rule thickness


Broaching wheel

115°,150°,square shape

Nicking wheel

0.3-0.5 MM 

180° min arc radius 


90° min arc radius


Min bending size


Min cutting size


Support format


Machine size and weight


Computer configuration 

Intel I3 CPU,RAM 4GB,Windows7

Power supply

Single phase 220V, 

20A, 50/60Hz, 2KW

Machine weight 


Air compressor