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SC series intelligent sofa fabric cutting machine

SC series intelligent sofa fabric cutting machine

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  • release date:2021-09-06 09:44:54
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Product name: SC series intelligent sofa fabric cutting machine

SC series intelligent sofa fabric cutting machine

● Suitable for all kinds of small orders, small batch production, tailor-made cutting solutions for sofas, curtains, and home furnishing enterprises.

● It can realize fast typesetting and cutting, saving time, labor and materials.

● It has a wide range of uses, and can be used to cut leather, PVC, PU, cloth, composite materials, flannel and other flexible materials.Sofa fabric cutting machine

Fast——The cutting speed of the smart sofa fabric cutting machine is 4-6 times that of the traditional manual cutting speed, realizing fast cutting, fast discharging, and fast production, especially for small orders, many styles, and short delivery times. Customers have more advantages.

Quasi——Smart sofa fabric cutting machine adopts computer control, the sample distance can be accurate to 0.1-1mm, and continuous cutting, which avoids damage to the leather material caused by laser cutting, and also avoids manual errors of manual cutting, and discharges more accurately To ensure product quality.

Province——Smart sofa fabric cutting machine can increase the material usage rate by 1%-5% on average, saving the direct cost of leather. Whether it is a leather manufacturing company or a non-leather manufacturing company, considerable material costs can be saved throughout the year.

Product advantages

l Adopting cutting technology such as vibrating knife/circular knife/pneumatic knife/punching knife, no need to make knife molds, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, management, storage, etc. in the production and development process, and completely bid farewell to traditional manual knife mold cutting Technology, break through the bottleneck that enterprises rely on skilled workers, and take the lead in entering the era of digital toolless machining.

l Multi-functional cutting head design, highly integrated multiple sets of processing tools, interactive cutting, punching, and marking can be performed in one work unit, realizing one-stop operation.

l Able to complete difficult, complex styles, template cutting that cannot be achieved by knife molds, greatly expand the design space of shoe pattern designers, create new styles that cannot be imitated by hand-opening, make your template more attractive, and make the design true Achieve the state of "not afraid of not being able to do it, but afraid of not thinking about it".

l The powerful nesting and counting system can achieve automatic nesting and accurate counting, so as to calculate the cost, accurately control the material issuance, and truly realize the digital zero inventory strategy.

l Through the projection of the projector or the camera to capture the outline of the leather, it can effectively identify the defects of the leather. And according to the natural texture of the leather, the cutting direction can be adjusted arbitrarily to increase the yield and loss, thereby increasing the effective utilization rate of the material.

l Through computer simulation of each operation process, program operation is realized, which eliminates the interference of traditional cutting materials due to personal factors such as workers' emotions, technology, fatigue, etc., avoids hidden waste, thereby increasing the utilization rate of materials.

l It can modify the template in time, save the time of developing and making the board, quickly release the board, quickly change the board, and adapt to the rapidly changing market demand. The same board level adjustment can be faster than competitors, helping you quickly seize market opportunities. Sofa fabric cutting machine

Some accessories and details of sofa fabric cutting machine






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Technical parameters of smart sofa fabric cutting machine






Cutting size(mm)

Width 1800, length 1600

Width 1600, length 2500

Width 1800, length 3000

Width 2200, length 3000

Feeding method





Equipped with tools

1. Circular cutter, 2. Electric vibrating knife, 3 air vibrating knife, 4 brushes,

 5. Visual positioning, 6. Punching

Technology Parameter :

Operating characteristic

Using independent motion controller, computer operation and cutting operation are carried out at the same time,

The current position can be saved after power off, and the unfinished cutting task can be continued after power on

Human-computer interface

7 inch resistive touch screen



Cutting speed

1mm/s ~ 1800mm /s

Cutting thickness

0.1mm ~ 20mm(customizable)

Related material

Fiber composite materials, artificial leather, cloth, pearl cotton, 

fiberboard and other materials.

Cutting accuracy

1000mm error is ±0.3mm

Repeatable cutting accuracy


Minimum tangent circle diameter

≥3mm(Related to material)

Control System

4-axis independent motion controller + multi-threaded real-time embedded control system

Driver System

Digital Servo Motor

The transmission way

Belt drive (optional rack drive), linear guide rail, ball screw pair

Towing chain

High flexible drag chain cable

Electrical components


Machine material

Alloy aluminum vacuum adsorption platform

Cutting board

Highly breathable fiber panel 

The adsorption of fan

AC 380V±10%  50/60 ±1Hz Power:MAX_5.5KW-9KW

Command system

HP-GL Compatible format

Compatible software format


DraftSight CAD etc.

Transport interface

RJ45 network port for one-to-many and many-to-one communication, the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters

Functional configuration

Vibrating knife, round knife, brush, punching, cross-red light positioning.

Operating voltage/frequency

AC 220V±10% 50/60 ±1Hz Power: MAX_1.5KW

(Need to be equipped with 10A socket, national standard 1.5 mm² wire)

Application of the smart sofa fabric cutting machine industry Pictures:

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