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Advantages of edge-finding and cutting machine for printed carpets

2021-08-16 11:50:09

Carpet cutting machines are mainly used in modern carpet processing technology. With the advancement of living standards, there are more and more styles of family carpets. Ordinary cutting machines and cutting beds can no longer meet the daily carpet processing and use, and iterative update of carpet cutting equipment is urgent , The vibrating knife carpet cutting machine was born.

Carpet cutting machine cutting advantages: 1. High cutting efficiency; 2. Data import one-key cutting, simple operation; 3. With CCD intelligent edge seeking and cutting function, printing patterns can automatically seek and cut edges; 4. High cutting accuracy.

Advantages of carpet cutting equipment:

1. The carpet cutting machine adopts imported servo motor, pulse positioning, and high cutting precision.

2. Independent research and development of AOLCUT system, cooperation with multi-axis system, cutting speed 2500mm/s.

3.42mm alloy work surface, customized partition system, after use, corrosion resistance, energy saving, and longer service life.

4. Choose feeding felt imported from the Netherlands, 4mm thickness, high air permeability, ultra-warp use.