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What are the market development and advantages of CNC leather cutting machine?

2021-08-16 09:49:09

The contemporary composite mechanical technology and processing technology with the continuous improvement of CNC automation technology are gradually becoming stable. One machine tool can complete various types of cutting work to meet various production requirements. This production method has greatly improved production efficiency and promoted the transformation of cutting methods. The development of CNC leather cutting machines is indeed moving in the direction of compounding, which simplifies the cutting procedure and reduces the additional costs caused by this.

The modern machining manufacturing industry has continuously improved the cutting quality and cutting precision requirements of flexible materials, and the functional requirements of CNC leather cutting machines have also been continuously improved. CNC leather cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, precision and cutting quality. However, these characteristics must be continuously developed and expanded to meet market demand.

In addition, the comprehensive intelligent development of CNC leather cutting machines is also a major development trend. The accuracy of manual cutting is far lower than that of CNC cutting, and the same is true in terms of work efficiency. Through the computer control of the CNC leather cutting machine, the working mode of the CNC leather cutting machine is transformed to intelligent, which is also one of the major changes of the CNC leather cutting machine.

Comparing the functional characteristics of several commonly used CNC leather cutting machines at present, the functions of the Stron CNC leather cutting machine are relatively complete. With the application of the software for automatic conversion of graphics cutting codes, the unique advantages of cutting leather and the low investment cost, the Stron CNC leather cutting machine has taken the lead in the current cutting industry.

Now the development momentum of the fine processing industry is gradually improving, and the requirements for high precision of machinery are becoming more stringent. In the development direction of CNC leather cutting machine, the content of technical research accounts for a considerable proportion. The machining accuracy has gradually increased from the silk level to the micron level. On the premise of meeting the needs of the times, products and technologies will gradually be recognized and promoted. Therefore, the comprehensive intelligence of CNC leather cutting technology is also an important aspect of its development.

Computer networking and communication and cooperation between enterprises are necessary ways to promote the rapid development of CNC technology. Enterprises maintain normal communication and analyze the market situation, and use this as a basis to upgrade and transform CNC technology. Computer networking is more conducive to technical exchanges and promotes the technological reform of CNC cutting machines.

The CNC leather cutting machine is suitable for cutting any flexible material with high cutting accuracy and no thermal deformation. It is a relatively environmentally friendly cutting method. CNC leather cutting machine will be the development direction of CNC cutting machine.

CNC leather cutting machine system, digital cutting expert, perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology. It can realize fast typesetting, efficient cutting, saving time, effort and materials. It has a wide range of uses and can be used for cutting genuine leather, PU leather, synthetic leather and other flexible materials.

It is suitable for sample production and small batch production, and tailor-made revolutionary cutting solutions for shoemaking, luggage and handbags, car seats, aviation seats, furniture, clothing and other enterprises.

The cutting speed is 4-6 times of the traditional manual cutting speed.

Using computer control, the model safety distance can be accurate to 0.1-1mm, which is more accurate to ensure product quality.

The material utilization rate can be increased by more than 5% on average, saving considerable material costs.

Seven product advantages of CNC leather cutting machine

1. Adopting vibrating knife cutting technology, there is no need to make knife molds, and it is the first to enter the era of digital knifeless mold processing.

2. Multifunctional cutting head design, cutting, punching and marking, realizes one-stop operation.

3. It can complete the pattern cutting with high difficulty, complicated style, and die cutter can't achieve.

4. Powerful nesting and counting system, automatic nesting and accurate counting, realizing digital zero inventory strategy.

5. Effectively identify leather defects, increase the yield, reduce losses, and increase the effective utilization of materials.

6. Precise computer simulation and programmed operation avoid hidden waste, thereby increasing the utilization rate of materials.

7. The CNC leather cutting machine saves the time of developing the board, quickly releases the board, quickly changes the board, and quickly seizes the market opportunity.